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Thanks to the following features of BrandFort, we were able to analyze your current comments and provide you in this personalized report with a summary.

How many comments should be hidden on your page right now?

In our opinion, comments with a negative sentiment, complaints, hate, profanity and spam should always and instantly be hidden on any Social Media profile. But especially on such a valuable one as yours!

That's why Social Media influencers and companies love BrandFort. Read our thought-piece on instant and affordable Social Media moderation here.

comments were analyzed for this report.

Customers love to complain!

Do you have complaining customers under control?

According to a study by Qualtrics, Facebook is No. 1 among social media platforms for complaints. 72 percent of complainers expected a response within 24 hours.

That's why we trained BrandFort to detect complaints instantly and automatically hide them.

Leaving complaints unanswered on your page is the most damaging thing you can do to your brand. Take control over the process and hide unwanted complaints automatically with BrandFort.

comments were analyzed for this report.
Watch a brief explanation video!

In this brief video, Kiri explains the power of BrandFort. Take a minute and learn how we can help to automate your Social Media moderation.

Let's keep it positive!

Your Social Media profile is not a place for negative sentiment

According to Hootsuite, Social media sentiment is the attitude and feelings people have about your brand on social media. It’s important for brands to listen carefully to what is being said about their business online. And even more important to know whether the talk is positive or negative.

At BrandFort, we believe it's not done with listening. We believe, taking control over negative sentiment is required.

The Artificial Intelligence of BrandFort is trained for detecting comments with negative sentiment and hides them automatically and instantly from your Social Media profile.

comments were analyzed for this report.

Your page isn't a billboard

How many spam comments do you have to delete every day?

Hubspot recently reported that spam is becoming an increasing issue on Social Media: "47% of Social Media Users Report Seeing More Spam in Their Feeds".

This is in line with our own observations. Especially Bitcoin-related spam has increased in recent months (again).

But no reason to worry. Thanks to BrandFort you can focus your attention on creating content instead of fighting spam.

Our AI is trained in hiding spam automatically and instantly from your page - no interaction required from your side.

comments were analyzed for this report.

App Integration with Hootsuite

Are you using Hootsuite for managing your Social Media Channels? We got excellent news for you! BrandFort is listed as an officially integrated app in Hootsuite. This allows you to integrate BrandFort seamlessly into your current Hooutsuite workflows.

Manage your Social Media Channels with Hootsuite + BrandFort as efficient as possible.

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No political comments!

Keep your page free from politics and fake news

The Center for Countering Digital Hate published a recent report, which confirms that the Social Media companies fail to remove false claims on their platforms.

Thanks to BrandFort, you don't have to rely on Facebook, Instagram and co, you can take it in your own hands.

We will analyze the comments and hide them if they are political.

comments were analyzed for this report.

F*ucking great!

Would you like such a comment on your page?

Some brands are fine with slight swearing (especially in a positive context). Others are very strict about it and don't want to tolerate any profanity within their comment section.

BrandFort gives you the choice to activate a strict profanity filter, which will hide any comment containing profanity.

This filter will hide a comment such as "Your company is f*ucking great", although the comment itself has a positive sentiment.

It's up to your tolerance - we give you the freedom to do what's right for you!

comments were analyzed for this report.

Peaceful - no aggression

Comments shouldn't offend anybody visiting your profile

Your comment section should be a safe space. Not a place of hate, aggression or offensiveness. If such comments are visible on your Social Media profile, this will hurt the reputation of your brand and in the longterm your revenue.

It's crucial to hide hate comments instantly for avoiding any further escalation.

Our AI is trained for detecting offensive comments and hides them instantly for keeping the peace in your comment section.

comments were analyzed for this report.

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