As a brand, you invest (hundred) thousands of dollars for shaping your brand reputation online.

  • You invest in advertisement online and maintain a Facebook and Instagram page. 
  • For the excellent pictures on your page, you only hire the best photographers for getting the best shots of your products.
  • Your Social Media Manager thinks of a smart headline before publishing the post online.

But what happens afterwards?

The loyal fans of your brand will “Like” the post and comment positively about the new content. 

Potential customers will ask questions about the product and with the right answer, you can win them over as your next client. 

Existing customers might raise an unrelated support request, asking where the product is, which they just ordered a few moments ago. 

Annoying spam will hit your comment section as well – very popular right now: The annoying Bitcoin Investment Spam. 

And certainly, some brand haters will flood your page with hateful and negative comments as well. 

Maintaining a Facebook and Instagram page, which represent your brand properly is a lot of work. 

Companies are addressing the issue currently in two ways:

  1. Ignoring it
  2. Human moderation

Ignoring the issue doesn’t help.

It simply destroys your brand image online.

At BrandFort, we can’t understand how any company can simply ignore this issue. 

Posting fancy pictures online and then looking away when it’s about the comments? That’s very poor brand management. 

We recently ran an analysis on some fashion brands and did note some companies who do a questionable job in managing their Social Media channels.

Follow us, soon we will release our Social Media – Fashion Brand Analysis report.  

The second possibility is human moderation.

Hiring an in-house moderator (or agency) who monitors and moderates your Social Media channel is a possibility.

It does have its advantages, but it also comes with a few drawbacks. 

First of all, it’s pricey as a quick Google research showed.

Entering the keyword “cost social media moderation” gave us the first result:

We inspected their homepage and quickly learnt: Their pricing is simple:

For checks on profanity, nudity and child pornography, our moderation cost starts at USD 0.01 only for every image or comment that we moderate. You can also opt for hourly billing which is as low as USD 2.00 per hour per moderator.

Calculating the monthly costs, we end-up with a stunning sum of $1440 per month. That’s an impressive amount. However, this is cheap comparing to other services.

Take a look at For the 24/7, all day, every day, you pay 6.99 Australian dollar per hour.

This sums up to 5’033 AUD or around 2’915 USD/monthly. BrandFort starts at $59 per month.

Keep in mind, the service of doesn’t give you 100% accuracy on the moderation.

They only guarantee you an accuracy of 95%. In summary, we can only say: Human content moderation is expensive. 

Secondly, human social media moderation isn’t instantly.

The more you pay, the more instant it will become. However, this will always be a struggle.

There is always a delay in human-driven content moderation.

Do you want an example?

Take a look at Canada Goose and their Instagram page

As of writing this article, this spam comment was still visible on their Instagram page, although it was posted seven hours ago:

God has been using Sir Steve to bless me and my family. I never knew or imagined for once that I could make so much money online till I melt Sir Steve here on IG @expert_steve he changed my life for good, I was so broke back then when I met him, my monthly salary wasn’t enough to take care of my responsibilities and things were very difficult for me, but hey I’m so happy to share this testimony. Sir Steve has changed my financial situation and I’ve been earning thousands of dollars over ($15,600) every week from his company platform. He made life easy for me and my family. You can reach him out here on IG @expert_steve  

Instagram page of Canada goose

A very obvious spam comment.

We can only speculate about the root cause.

  • Is the content moderator sick?
  • Is he enjoying his well deserved weekend?
  • Does Canada Goose only monitor their Social Media channel during busy hours?

We don’t know it.

But we know, the expensive prices and the lack of consistent just-in-time comment moderation are a major drawback of the traditional human content moderation. 

At this stage, you might wonder what are the alternatives to human moderation.

Which service provides instant comment moderation for a reasonable price

The answer is the provider, which uses state-of-the-art technologies and moved away from using individuals for this cumbersome task. 

BrandFort is using the newest Artificial Intelligence for monitoring your Social Media feed.

Our AI is trained on real-world examples for detecting hate, negative sentiment, complains, spam and profanity. BrandFort helps you to:

Save cost thanks to the most competitive pricing in the market.

Focus on creating valuable content for your audience, instead of bothering with haters. We will be doing the dirty work for you. 

It’s time for changing the way Social Media content moderation is done!

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