An emergency out of nowhere:

“I ordered Bündnerfleisch (air-dried meat) and they’re bringing me pork, the filthy ones!!!! @hotelschweizerhof_zurich. Rip-off.” 

The Berlin rapper called Ufo361 expressed his angry feelings to his 1.2 million followers on Instagram and prompted them to bombard the traditional Zurich hotel, called “Schweizerhof”, with hate comments. 

The reason was that he does not eat pork as a Muslim, and he did not expect it on the ordered Swiss dish that was brought to his room. 

The loyal fans did not hesitate a second and started to bombard the luxurious hotel on Facebook and Instagram with angry comments. 

“You dogs, what are you giving UFO pork meat”, was one of the friendlier comments on the hotel’s Facebook page. 

So, what did the hotel do? They had no other choice than setting all their accounts on Facebook and Instagram to private in order to stopping the flood of hate-filled and insulting comments on their lovely posts and pictures. 

According to the hotel’s director, Andreas Stöckli, the whole issue was a misunderstanding since the ordered plate consists many different kinds of foods, including cheese, raw ham and pork. However, in the future, they want to state it clearer that the dish contains pork.

It took weeks to delete the comments

However, the damage was already done, and the hotel remained in crisis mode for a whole weekend. The employees were massively insulted by telephone and needed to be cheered up, said its director. 

He also added, that deleting all the comments was a process that took several weeks and meant many hours of manual work for its employees. 

BrandFort can protect your social media presence

Such an unfortunate event can happen to any business and severely damage a nice social media presence, which was built over a long period. 

That’s why BrandFort exists, which is able to detect hate, negative sentiment, spam, complaints, political comments and hide them automatically and immediately on Facebook and Instagram.

Managing comments on Facebook and Instagram

Although, this case is a very extreme example, it is always important to keep your Facebook page and your Instagram account protected from hate and negativity.

Therefore, managing comments on Facebook and Instagram can be a very time-consuming business. Many users comment in order to share your posts with friends, leaving their opinions and share their feelings about your business. In most cases these comments are valuable and can even contain interesting feedback regarding your products or services.

However, users also leave a lot of negativity, hate, spam and political comments on your social media presence. 

BrandFort’s state-of-the-art AI is trained for reading comments like a human. BrandFort does not simply focus on certain keywords. No, BrandFort’s focuses on the meaning of a sentence and assesses the sentiment of it. 

BrandFort detects and hides comments like a human.

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