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Successful influencers have invested years in creating their brand on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other Social Media platform. 

They have invested countless days and nights for the success that they achieved now. We congratulate them! 

But the scary thing, it can be taken from them within hours of posting a picture on Instagram, or a post on Facebook. Their brand can be damaged after creating one piece of content, which some trolls on the internet dislike (as it happend to Kristen Hancher).

We love influencers and that’s why we have created a product for influencers who want to protect their Social Media Brand. 

Brandfort inspects all the comments posted on their Social Media channels and hides them if necessary. 


Companies have invested (hundred) thousands of dollars for shaping their online brand reputation. 

  • They invest in advertisement online and maintain a Facebook and Instagram page. 
  • For the excellent pictures on their page, they only hire the best photographers for getting the best shots of their products. 
  • Their Social Media Manager thinks of smart headlines before publishing the content online.

But what happens afterwards?

Loyal fans will “Like” the post and comment positively about the new content. 

Potential customers will ask questions about the product and with the right answer, the company can win them over. 

Existing customers might raise an unrelated support request, asking where their product is, which they just ordered a few moments ago. 

Annoying spam hits the comment section and lowers the quality of the page. 

And certainly, some haters will flood the page with hateful and negative comments.

Maintaining a Facebook and Instagram page, which represent the company brand properly is a lot of work. 

BrandFort uses the newest Artificial Intelligence for monitoring the Social Media feed and taking action for protecting companies.

Our AI is trained on real-world examples for detecting hate, negative sentiment, complains, spam and profanity. BrandFort helps companies to:

  • Save cost thanks to the most competitive pricing in the market.
  • Focus on creating valuable content, instead of bothering with haters. We will be doing the dirty work for you. 

Social Media Agencies

Social Media Agencies know the daily challenge of monitoring the Social Media feeds of their clients. 

Their clients struggle with: 

  • haters in their comment section
  • comments with a negative sentiment
  • profanity and offensive content
  • or complaints of unhappy customers

Without BrandFort, Social Media agencies are working hard for controlling the Social Media feeds of their clients. However, their Social Media experts should be focused on creating engaging content. 

BrandFort allows agencies to focus on the valuable tasks, we do the dirty work for them.

Brandfort’s state-of-the-art AI is trained for understanding comments like a human does and assesses the meaning of it.

If the comments contain hate, spam, profanity, have a negative sentiment or are complaints, BrandFort detects it and hides them automatically.

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